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Healing Factors

Disease prevention, wellness, treatment and rehabilitation with the help of mineral water, healing mud and climate arrived from Tibet, China, India, Assyria, Babylon, Greece and ancient Rome.

Climate , kinesitherapy, massage, mineral water drinking , mineral water baths and showers, application of healing mud, musictherapy, bibliotherapy, landscape, aroma and colour therapies are meant to stimulate physiological mechanisms of convalescence.

Scientific research has proved that these healing procedures help to enhance physiological, medical, psychological and social adaptation , improve regulatory functions of nerve, strengthen the immunity, improve a patient‘s psycho-emotional condition and are life-giving.

The research has also found that resort factors can increase the body‘s resistance to adverse environmental impacts like stress, cold or heat, physical and mental fatigue or invasion of microbes. If timely used, they reinforce and train the body‘s physiological systems, individual organs and inhibit the progression of a disease.


Surrounded by deep forests the river Nemunas has created spectacular scenery  which is perfect  for recreation. Birštonas is loved by holidaymakers for its peace and quiet, beautiful plants and flowerbeds. Mineral waters and the air rich in phytocaedos and light negative ions add to the popularity of the town among other Lithuanian resorts. A couple of days spent in Birštonas bring

equanimity, peace and good mood. Nervousness or fatigue disappears. Both balneotherpy and pelotherapy are successfully applied in Birštonas resort.

Balneotherapy-treatment with mineral water

The term mineral water is thought to have originated from a Latin word minera  and has been used since the XVI century. Mineral water was used in ancient India, China and Egypt for curative purposes. Bathing in mineral water springs was greatly popular in Greece later in Rome. Mineral waters have been known in Lithuania since The Middle Ages.

Mineral water baths stimulate physiological mechanisms of convalescence. They are especially effective for treatment of certain circulatory, respiratoty, digestive, neural, articular, and gynaecological diseases. Mineral water baths of various mineralization (chloride- bromide, sodium, potassium, calcium)are used for healing purposes. Due to their effect muscles relax, vascular spasms are repressed, cardiac activity and neuroregulative body functions improve.

     Mineral water “Vytautas” is used for drinking. When drunk, it regulates secretion of gastric juices, acidity, improves stomach activity. It stimulates the formation of bile and its drift to duodenum, improves biophysical features and biochemical composition of bile, functions of liver and intestine.

Pelotherapy-treatment with peat mud

Healing features of some peat mud date back to the times of ancient Rome where ailing people used to apply mud to their skin and sunbathe. Written documents testify that treatment with volcanic mud was widespread in Padua in 1370, later it was used in France (XVII century), In Germany (XVIII century) and in Czechia.

Healing peat mud is used for treatment in Birštonas. Peat is formed under anaerobic conditions in overgrown pools and bogs where algae and herb residues deposit. Healing peat mud, heated to 46-480C is used for healing. Various inflammatory and degenerative diseases are cured with healing mud applications. Applications improve peripheral circulatory system, tissues nutrition, quicken disappearance of moderate inflammatory focuses, and desensitize the body. Therefore healing peat mud applications help to cure problems of articular, gynaecological, peripheral nervous system and other diseases.