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Tulpė Sanatorium uses medicinal peat and sapropel for its treatments. Peat forms at the bottom of closed water bodies (usually, bogs) covered with weed and residue of various (including medicinal) plants in the anaerobic conditions. For therapeutic purposes, medicinal mud of peat origin heated to 46–48°C is used. Medicinal mud packs are used to treat various inflammatory and degenerative diseases. Mud application improves peripheral circulation and tissue nutrition, treats chronic inflammatory diseases and has anti-allergic properties; therefore, medicinal peat packs help to treat joint, gynaecological, peripheral nervous system and other diseases.

Gelatinous organic matter with colloidal structure called sapropel takes several thousands of years to form from aquatic fauna and flora at the bottom of lakes. Sapropel is a peloid (mud) of freshwater bodies and bogs. Its composition is the result of a complex mud formation process. Sapropel is formed of decayed plant and animal plankton (small organisms floating in the water), benthos (organisms that live on the bottom of water bodies), and large aquatic plants, i.e. macrophytes (at the end of vegetation). Organic matter from the shores eroded by waves as well as matter carried by surface runoff, rivers, streams and air currents gets mixed in the mud. It takes several thousands of years for sapropel to form, so it is composed of matter free from any technological pollution and is highly valuable as well as organically clean.

Due to high content of B-group vitamins, micro- and macroelements, essential amino acids and bio-stimulators, sapropel is extremely valuable.

Over the long period of its formation, great amount of organic, biologically active substances (lipids, bio-stimulators, probiotics, etc.) and microelements accumulated in sapropel;

During the treatment, sapropel penetrates not only skin, but deeper tissue and organs as well. Sapropel applications improve circulation and metabolism, helping the body to eliminate the accumulated harmful and toxic substances.

Sapropel Applications

Sapropel applications promote local blood circulation, improving tissue nutrition, speeding up resorption of inflammation areas and reducing activity of the inflammatory process. Medicinal mud relieves pain, vascular spasms, reduces capillary permeability, and normalizes immunobiological and neurovegetative reactivity of the body. Sapropel is used for full-body wraps, hand baths, mineral water and mud baths.