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 Mineral water bath „Vaidilutė“. We use original mineral water from “Vaidilutė“ spring, which due to its special chemical composition and physical features, has a positive effect on body‘s disordered functions, metabolic, biochemical and biophysical disturbances therefore is used for disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.


Chemical formula for Mineral water „Vaidilutė“

Br 0,064 M 27,6

Cl 91 SO4 9

(Na + K) 48 Ca 25


Chloride bromide sodium-potassium-calcium mineral water baths of high mineralization strengthen blood vessels lining, stimulate metabolic processes, and make the body resistant to adverse environmental impacts and diseases in pathogenesis of which immunity disorders take an important place. They are effective while treating immunity problems, dystrophic-degenerative processes in joints, sclerosis, obesity, alopecia, premature ageing, central nervous system and metabolic problems. Due to their effect muscles relax, vascular spasms are repressed, cardiac activity and neuro-regulative body functions improve. They are especially effective in healing certain circulatory, respiratory, digestive, neural, articular and gynaecological diseases.


Relatively big amount of bromine in mineral water „Vaidilutė“ determines its relaxing effect on CNS (central nervous system), cutaneous receptors and skin palingenesis.

Perl baths are the baths saturated with air bubbles. Temperature and mechanical factors affect nervous receptors of skin. Skin is affected by contrastive temperature (due to different gas heat conduction and heat susceptibility). Pearl baths relieve central nervous system, decrease irritability, increase body reactivity, improve circulatory system, activate metabolism.

Herb baths 

Pine bath – tonic, healing bath, prescribed to treat central and peripheral nervous, cardiovascular system troubles, rheumatic pains, general body fatigue or cold.

Cade bath is applied for removal of salts accumulated in the body, healing of cellulite.

Birch leaves-buttons bath  is applied for the care of touched babies’ skin (scalds, pustules, eczema). It is recommended when having psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis.

Large nettle bath – applied in case of rheumatic pains, articular, back pains, general body fatigue or cold. Also it is applied for healing of tired painful hands and legs.

Sea weed bath

Sea weed bath, rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, H (vitamin H is the vitamin of beauty), trace elements, lipids, glaucides, amino acids has a  wide healing effect. It has a relaxing effect on muscles, relieves stress, strengthens the body, refreshes and softens the skin, detoxifies the body. Due to these features seaweed baths are applied when healing various diseases: backbone

deformities, sprains, wrenches, overweight, stress, physical or psychological fatigue, general body exhaustion, skin problems, cellulite, etc.

Carbon dioxide bath

In the bath the body is covered with CO2 bubbles provoking capillary enlargement due to which capillary circulation improves and the skin turns red. CO2 penetrates through skin and is inhaled what stimulates respiratory centre, deepens breathing and intensifies systole. Thus breathing eases down, circulation improves, arterial and venous blood pressure decreases.

Turpentine Bath

Turpentine bath stimulates blood and lymph circulation, promotes cell metabolism, speeds up blood plasma protein regeneration, improves natural protective functions of the body, tones and rejuvenates skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Turpentine baths are highly effective in the treatment of joint, respiratory diseases, improving blood circulation in lower limbs, when suffering from leg atherosclerosis.

Ozone Bath

During the ozone therapy, a bath is filled with ozone-saturated water, which has beneficial effects on the circulatory system, improves metabolism and has disinfectant properties. Environmental pollution, poor diet and stress lead to the formation of harmful molecules – free radicals – in the body. They damage cells and interfere with metabolic processes speeding up cell aging, resulting in wrinkles and tired-looking skin. Ozone is most effective in neutralizing free radicals. Moreover, ozone stimulates collagen production, restoring skin firmness and freshness. Ozone penetrates damaged rather than healthy tissue restoring its previous structure and eliminating the reason of aging. It promotes lymph circulation preventing accumulation of toxins and combating “orange peel” skin. Ozone has beneficial effects on our immune system and serves as an excellent preventive measure of infectious diseases.

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