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Kinesitherapy is the treatment of disease by movements. It is one of the reconstructive treatment and rehabilitation means. The energy of movement is accumulated in mechanoreceptors and then transformed into nerve impulses, which induce the reconstructive action of the body. Kinesitherapy can be combined with physiotherapy and massage procedures.

Vertical bath

Vertical bath is an exercise complex with spine-stretching equipment and underwater massage zones. Exercises are IMGP6720chosen on an individual basis. After the procedure course (10-15 times) joint and back aches decrease and eventually are eliminated, while joint mobility increases. Also the procedure strengthens the muscles resulting in a person being able to withstand intense physical activity easier. Other results of vertical bath are improved functions of metabolism, loss of weight, and a feeling of a lighter mood. Vertical bath is recommended for people suffering from osteochondrosis, radiculitis, neurological and cardiovascular diseases, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases, inter-vertebral disc  hernia, also after various injuries like bone fractures, joint sprains, brain and spinal chord injuries, microsurgical operations. It is also good after various lung operations, for people who are overweight or working hard mentally or physically, and for children with faulty posture or flat-foot.

Exercise in the swimming pool

tulpesslaider7A person weighs only 1/10 of normal body weight in the water. The joints are less laden here and the position of diaphragm changes; it is easier to move, stand or walk in the water. The peripheral blood circulation improves along the exercise; the water relieves pain and muscle irritability, as well as improves the patient’s emotional state.


Water Exercise with Hydrorider Aquabike

The sanatorium offers a special procedure: water exercise with Hydrorider Aquabike. The lifting force of water helpsIMGP7029 to reduce the load on joints; therefore, aquabike exercise is recommended for orthopaedic patients: after joint replacement, knee and tarsal joint ligament surgeries, arthroscopic surgeries and Achilles tendon surgeries. It has been proven that water exercise reduces load on the cardiovascular system significantly; therefore, aquabike and aquatic treadmill exercise is recommended for cardiology and cardiac surgery patients. Due to the lower and more uniform load on the cardiorespiratory system, aquabike and aquatic treadmill exercise is ideal for respiratory patients. This type of exercise offers reduced load on joints, so it is recommended for those suffering from systemic diseases, such as fibromyalgia. Aquabike and aquatic treadmill exercise is safe for the joints; therefore, it is recommended for those suffering from rheumatic diseases and arthrosis. Throughout the exercise, patients are supervised by a physical therapist.

Kinesio Taping

teipavimasRehabilitative and therapeutic procedure performed using kinesio tapes (adhesive tape). Kinesio tapes are made of 100% cotton and vary in color (nude, black, blue, green, yellow). Non-toxic binder thermosol, which contains no latex (it is replaced by urethane), is also used in the production. This is why kinesio tapes cause no skin irritation allowing it to breathe. The tapes are waterproof, so the patient can take showers. They stay on the body from 1 to 4 days. Functional therapeutic effects: improve muscle functionality, reduce muscle hypertonicity or stimulate damaged and weakened muscles, depending on pathology, stimulate soft tissue (muscle, tendon) nutrition and nutrient assimilation, improve resorptive properties, improve and promote the circulation and lymphatic system function, stabilise joints, correct joint deformities, promote regeneration of damaged nerves, increase sensory perception, relieve pain and inflammatory processes.

Kinesio tapes are used for:

– Pain;

– Soft tissue bruises, haematomas;

– Strained muscles and tendons;

– Back and neck pain;

– Spine problems;

– Joint pain and diseases;

– After surgeries;

– Sports injuries;

– Poor lymphatic drainage.

Nordic Walking

-Nordic walking originated in Finland, where it is used as summer training for skiers since 1970. The first special poles were produced in 1997, and this walking method has turned into health-promotion (fitness) exercise.

-Nordic walking is an effective way to treat respiratory and circulatory disorders, spine, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, osteopororis. It is also ideal for older and overweight people. Nordic walking is often used in sports as a method of physical training and rehabilitation after injuries.

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