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Therapeutic massage

tulpeslaider5It is one of the most relaxing procedures which help to sustain an excellent physical and mental state. The massage stimulates and regulates digestion and respiration, improves muscle tone, mobility of joints, posture; it quickens blood and lymph circulation. It also adjusts the functions of endocrine and nervous systems.

Massage with Honey

Deep massage movements and viscosity of honey activate blood circulation. Massage eases away tiredness and gives feeling of freshness and weightlessness. Gentle warmth goes over the whole body. It is especially good during the winter season to prevent lung diseases, bronchitis. It also improves immune system. Massage with honey may be applied as a part of treatment for colds, coughs or spine aches. It also replaces body-peeling. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and resilient, provided with oxygen and other useful nourishing substances.

The massage is also good for cellulite treatment.

Massage with Essential Oils

One hour massage brings tranquillity and bliss to both body and mind. The vegetative and essential oils used in the massage effectively relax tense muscles and tone them. The curative properties of oils are also effective in eliminating insomnia, reducing stress, providing spiritual and physical strength, and improving an overall functioning of many body systems. Essential oils are made from natural organic organically grown herbs and plants. They enter the body through the skin and are also inhaled during the massage. Each client in accordance with their wish can choose a desirable aroma.


Underwater massageIMGP7416

During the underwater massage the warm water stream relaxes muscles, eliminates muscle fatigue, and soothes muscle aches. The massage improves blood circulation, metabolism, and reduces vegetative and reflector disorders. Underwater massage is recommended for treating movement disorders, peripheral nervous system disorders, gynaecological, moderate unspecific lung or gastrointestinal tract diseases.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

IMGP7328Compression therapy (lymphatic drainage massage) is a procedure carried out using a special machine and intended for the improvement of lymph and vein blood circulation. Therapeutic effects: improving lymph circulation, expanding blood vessels, removing excess fluid accumulating in tissues, stimulates cell metabolism (therefore, the procedure is also used to treat cellulite), enhancing pain relief effect. Recommended in cases of primary and secondary lymphedema, venous and lymphatic edema caused by chronic vein insufficiency and postoperative edema, as well as for the improvement of blood circulation in varicose veins (enlarged leg veins), and for the prevention of thrombosis. The procedure stimulates lymphatic system and is suitable for almost any patient suffering from leg swelling or for anyone who feels tired at the end of a long workday.

Slimming Massage

Combination of an intense body scrub and a special slimming-firming massage. Special slimming massage technique and cosmetic products used for the treatment help to eliminate fat build-up and toxins from the body, restoring elasticity and firmness of tissues. The massage promotes microcirculation, raises body temperature, reduces fat build-up and drains the tissues. Obvious results after three procedures: slimmer silhouette and legs.

Underwater massage in mineral water pool

Water and heat are closely linked to human nervous and circulatory systems, and metabolic processes. A person is able to relax like a baby during the massage in mineral water pool.

Water temperature affects the body; it changes the process of thermoregulation, trophic tissue function, and it also eliminates products of metabolism from the body. In addition to the above mentioned healing effect of mineral water, you will decrease fatigue; emotional pressure in the pool, your circulation system will improve. Pool has cascade, vertical stretch mechanism for healing backbone, articular, peripheral nervous system diseases. Seven massage streams work here.

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